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The feelings of fear, nerves and anxiety for those patients suffering from a dental phobia are very real and can be very upsetting and difficult to overcome. Modern dentistry has moved on tremendously in the last few years. Our dental professionals at Valleyview Dental are experienced at easing nervous patients.

Dental sedation is also known as ‘twilight sedation’ or ‘conscious sedation’. The sedatives that we use are extremely safe and the side effects are minimal which means that after a 24hr recovery period (no driving, cooking or operating machinery) you can return to life as normal! We will take the time to assess your medical history prior to your treatment and sedation session to ensure that you are entirely suitable. However, we do find that most patients who are nervous, worried or anxious can be treated well using conscious sedation.

Benefits of Dental Sedation at Valleyview Dental:

The sedatives are safe and the side effects minimal
You can have a lot of treatment in just one session, which reduces both cost and number of visits
Dental sedation can help to overcome fear and anxiety for good
Most patients are suitable for conscious sedation (but will be assessed on individual needs)
You can be rid of pain and discomfort very quickly
You won’t remember much about the procedure